Along wild mountain streams and tranquil, crystal-clear mountain lakes, the “Wild Waters” are a true nature experience and a excursion especially for families. The waterways run from Schladming deep into the valleys up to 2,600 m above sea level of the Schladming Tauern. A particularly captivating highlight is the “Alpinsteig” through the “Höllschlucht”.

The 14 km long Thematic Trail, “Wild Waters” can be hiked in stages or in one part. The hike starts in Schladming and leads along the beautiful “Talbachklamm” at the Untertal direction Riesach waterfall to the Riesachsee.

“Wilde Wasser”: Experience “Untertal”

  • In the “Talbachklamm”  the element water is omnipresent. The rushing “Talbach” bursts out in the gorge. The path through the gorge is accessible all year round. It is often used as a link between Schladming and Rohrmoos.
  • The “Alpinsteig” through the “Höll” leads along the Riesach river, past the small and large Riesach waterfall. You walk over a spectacular 50m long steel cable suspension bridge and 7 other bridges to the “Riesachsee”.
  • In and around the Tettermoor there are many rare plant species to discover.

“Wilde Wasser” x 2

The element water also accompanies you on the mountain lake route through the Obertal valley. A hike from the alpine “Giglachseen” to the nature jewel of the “Duisitzkarsee”. Around the “Nickel Museum Hopfriesen” the mining history is explained child-friendly. For families there is a hiking trail, suitable for baby carriage, and plenty of space for playing and romping in nature.

“Wilde Wasser”: Experience “Obertal”

  • In summer you can visit the “Annastollen” at “Obertal” with a guided tour. It is the main entrance to the gallery system “Bromriesen”. A former silver mine.
  • The Nickel Museum Hopfriesen shows life at the time of the miners. In the midst of the idyllic natural landscape you embark on a journey through time in the mining tradition.
  • Surrounded by a magical landscape, the crystal-clear Duisitzkarsee presents itself as a real insider tip for hikers. Especially in the autumn, a climb to the lake pays off. When nature shows its best side and the larches turn golden.